here's the thing, I started this blog in 2004 after i graduated college and taught myself to use the internet. It's been with me for the good and that bad and all the in between. i throw a dport7.com short shorts party every year. other than that read the post and listen to the podcast, how bad could it be!

things to watch out for:

1. if you haven't noticed i can't spell for shit, oh and grammar forget about it!

2. my best old friend brian lauvray he'll make you feel weird

3. if we ever hang out and i take a picture where you look weird, it's going up

4. we have a member named jew and we make fun of him: sorry to other jews
5. i have a sick fascination with apple computers; i use a G4powerbook.
6. no i don't like myspace so stop asking

7. i love burritos

8. i love the word donkey

9. in first grade i won the humane society drawing contest

10. if you want to help me make movies or have a good idea let me know
11. so for real check out talk soup that show is hilarious

12. jenn norwwod is the backbone of the site and is the best member

13. i've come to terms with the fact that i'm in love with phoebe cates

contact me:

email me: paul@dport7.com

aim me: paul